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With more than 40 years  of experience in the production environment MPDV Mikrolab GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). We operate with highly qualified and motivated personnel in our ten MPDV locations and subsidiaries across Germany and worldwide in Singapore, China and the USA. We are also represented in other countries via our network of partners.

Users of different businesses benefit from our MES expertise provided by more than 380 employees. MPDV has a cross section of customers, from medium sized to international global players, involved in rubber and plastics manufacturing, automotive suppliers, food and beverage industry, production and mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturers, primary processing industry, printing and packaging, steel processing, optical industry and precision engineering, medical and pharmaceutical industry, electronics and electrical industry.

We offer pioneering solutions for competitive businesses with innovative and sophisticated MES systems of high quality and a broad range of services.

Awards given to MPDV vouch for our role as a market leader: Frost & Sullivan not only awarded MPDV with the MES Best Practice award but also with the Global MES Award. Also, MPDV was given the TOP 100 Innovator award indicating that we are one of the most innovative medium size companies in Germany.

Milestones in the History of MPDV


The company is founded as an engineering office offering customer specific development of hardware and software


First projects of Machine Data Collection (MDE)
step by step development of systems for Shop Floor Data Collection (BDE), Time & Attendance (PZE) and Shop Floor Scheduling (HLS)


Standard Software Production Management System HYDRA


SAP certified for the communication channel 1 (HR and PP)


Certified to the European Quality Standard DIN EN ISO 9001
Certified by SAP for the PP interface
Founding the HYDRA USERS GROUP Germany


Acquisition of INCA Industrial Computer Applications GmbH, Aschheim


Establishing of an SAP Competence Center at MPDV
Establishing CAQ expertise with acquisition of CSI GmbH, Sindelfingen, Germany


SAP certification of HR-PDC interface


First company worldwide to have an SAP certified PP-PDC interface


Integrating IBN SYSTEME GmbH, Pforzheim to enhance our expertise for the plastics sector.
MPDV Textbook “Integrierte Betriebsdaten (integrated shop floor data)" (Gabler)


Move to new premises in Mosbach
Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
Founding VDI Working Group MES (Chair MPDV)


Highlight in product development release of MES-Weavers 2.0
Re-organization of HYDRA Users Group
Establishing MPDV Campus and the MPDV Development Fund (MDF)
MPDV Textbook "Manufacturing Scorecard" (Gabler)


First German MES supplier to be SAP certified for "Powered by SAP NetWeaver"
MPDV Textbook "MES - Manufacturing Execution System"
First validation of HYDRA based on FDA requirements
MPDV to take a chair in the global MES Umbrella Organization MESA International


Development of a ROI-Analyzer in cooperation with Potsdam University
Establishing of a European MESA subsidiary MESA Europe (Chair: MPDV)
Publishing new VDI guideline No. 5600 (Chair Expert Committee MES: MPDV)


Founding MPDV Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
Founding MPDV USA, Inc. in Chicago, serving as Headquarters for the Americas
Introduction of a new product line "MES-Cockpit"


Introduction of a user defined MES desktop MOC


Receiving the Frost & Sullivan „Product Excellence Award“


Introduction of the new MES generation HYDRA 8
Decorated with the Global MES Award by Frost & Sullivan
MPDV in the chair and founding member of MES D.A.CH Association


Establishing MPDV subsidiary in Shanghai, China


Introduction Future Concept MES 4.0 as a key for Integrated Industry (Industry 4.0)
Smart MES Applications (SMA) - mobile MES components for Smartphones and Tablet PCs
Presentation of a new vertical solution HYDRA for Metals
TOP100 Innovator Award

2015:Outsourcing of MPDV Campus in Perfect Production GmbH

Publication of the 4-Step-Model to ”Smart Factory”
Launch of Dynamic Manufacturing Control (DMC)
Global IoT-based MES Award, Frost & Sullivan


40th business anniversary & expansion of the headquarters in Mosbach,
Construction of new office building for MPDV in Hamm, Germany
Announcement of the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP)
Publication of “MES Compendium”, an MPDV textbook

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