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MES and Industry 4.0
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MES and Industry 4.0

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As a hype topic that has now become an established idea, Industry 4.0 describes production of the future. Technological innovations promise to be able to master a huge assortment of variants, shorter life cycles and higher efficiency in production. The goal is to stand out among global competitors. This is why in today's world manufacturing companies simply have no choice but to deal with Industry 4.0. To this end, MPDV offers its assistance as a competent partner.

To truly benefit from these advantages, manufacturing companies will need the appropriate software tools. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) pursuant to VDI guideline 5600 (referring to IEC 62264) have proven themselves to be effective in the past and today already cover part of the Industry 4.0 requirements.

In the age of Industry 4.0, MES will play a very important role. However, it is not sufficient to merely record and process data in real time. Instead, MES become the central information and data hub for production and all other company departments. In addition to established ERP systems, MES form the bridge to an increasingly more complex shop floor. With an MES, production companies remain reactive and in doing so ensure that they stay competitive in the future.

With the future concept MES 4.0, MPDV shows just how a manufacturing execution system can support a production company on the road to Industry 4.0 and more so, for which functions this kind of system is simply indispensable. In a white paper series the MES experts discuss the technical and the organizational potential that will allow a company to benefit from Industry 4.0. With MPDV’s four-stage-model production companies find relevant milestones and recommended course of action while embarking on their road to the "Smart Factory". In the process, the focus is always on people and practical applications.

In order to always stay completely up-to-date with regard to Industry 4.0 and even to participate in its further development, MPDV is actively involved in cutting-edge professional associations and committees. MPDV also engages in a large number of cooperative projects with universities, colleges and research institutions that MPDV is involved in to keep the finger on the pulse of time.

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