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Our values

... MPDV Company Philosophy

Experience and Competence

With more than 40 years experience in the production environment and a strong focus on the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) we have compiled an extensive know-how in many sectors of industry. This is also confirmed by the users of more than 1000 HYDRA installations around the world and many industries.  We illustrate our competence by being present in the trade press, publishing textbooks and a large number of telling events and workshops.

Innovation and Future Reliability

Innovation guarantees our success and also secures our role as a pioneer in the MES environment.  As we have cultivated the MES idea we are often called the MES locomotive.  Our products are a permanent part in a state-of-the-art manufacturing IT. We ensure by using up-to-date technologies that our customers are supplied with advanced technologies in the future.

In the light of current trends like Industry 4.0 we are not only on board but are part of the standardization process (i.e. in the VDI GMA Expert Committee 7.21).  We answer key questions raised by Industry 4.0 with our future concept MES 4.0 and prove the need for an integrated MES system for future production scenarios.

Responsibility and Social Commitment

Being successful and in our role as an MES pioneer we feel the urge to return something.   We are actively involved with our expert knowledge in trend-setting organizations like the VDI, the VDA or the MES D.A.C.H. Association.  By promoting young talents at an early stage we fight the imminent skills shortage. Our activities range from the MPDV Junior Academy to sponsoring the First Lego League.  Through total equity funding of MPDV we guarantee to our 380 employees a safe workplace with family friendly working conditions.  A healthy work life balance is as important to us as a pleasant and cultivated working atmosphere.  Our product and services can provide to businesses tools to increase efficiencies in production and support a diligent handling of all resources.

Focusing on the customer and the market

Offering a broad range of products and services we provide a demand-driven supply to our customers and the market.  The association of the HYDRA Users Group (HUG) is a sure sign for the cooperative partnership with our customers.

Quality and Sustainability

All our processes are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Carrying out regular audits and re-certifications we assure high stability in the quality of our processes which is reflected in our products and services.  We also guarantee to our users future reliability and also investment protection which makes MPDV a reliable partner for the production IT.

The certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is a proof for the coninuance and consistant quality politics of MPDV.

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