Implement projects professionally

According to DIN 69901, project management embraces the entire spectrum of management tasks, organization and tools to process a project. Project management for you, the customer, means that the project goals are achieved in the specified time, in the right quality and within the budget.

During an MES project, the MPDV project manager takes on the critical tasks to implement the project successfully. These include:

  • Defining tasks clearly
  • Strict planning and monitoring of all activities
  • Assigning responsibilities
  • Complying to quality, deadlines and costs
  • Documenting the whole project
  • Managing risks

MES projects come in all kinds of forms due to different content. Common project goals are:

  • Introduction of an MES system
  • Upgrading an existing system
  • Release change for a running system
  • Replacement of an old MES system

All these disciplines are covered by long years of experience of MPDV’s project managers. MPDV employees are always up-to-date by attending regular training programs. In addition, MPDV is a member of the GPM (German Society for Project Management and member of IPMA International Project Management Association) and is actively participating in the task force ”Project management for medium size companies”.

The main goal of MES project management is to merge suitable products and services into a compatible solution, and to coordinate the activities of team members for the complete project duration.

Determine your contribution

Numerous companies have experience implementing an IT project. Naturally, you can utilize your project management know-how and decide yourself to which extend the MPDV project manager should be involved. You can select from service packages defined by MPDV that can be individually adjusted, if required.

Basic project management

The MPDV project manager takes on the scheduling and the control of separate project steps. He takes care and synchronizes activities continuously along the whole project run, organizes the kick-off meeting and documents the project. The project manager is always briefed on the technical fine tuning and organizes the exchange of documents. On your end, there will be a counterpart for the MPDV project manager to coordinate all members of your project team.

Advanced project management

For our advanced project management, we have incorporated a joint escalation management, on-going cost control, risk management and a change request management. Further tasks for the project manager are continuous reporting, identifying target conflicts, and the evaluation and prioritization of project goals.

Training, coaching or outsourcing

We offer supporting services for your project manager if you require additional resources or essential know-how. We can arrange for consulting ahead of the project. During this session, we prepare your project manager for the tasks ahead and provide best practice training. Also we offer to consult and support your project leader during the running project in form of defined service packages or on demand.

Outsourcing the project management enables you to spare vital resources and to rely on MPDV employees completely. That in turn means that the MPDV project manager will fully coordinate the MES project team in your company.

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