MES Services

Challenge MES

When designing and introducing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), the requirements significantly differ from other IT projects because MES functions need to be seamlessly integrated into the heterogeneous, distinctive production of a manufacturing company. On the one hand, the process involves integrating machines and equipment from a variety of manufacturers, and on the other realizing interfaces to upper-level IT systems (ERP, PLM, HR). As such, an MES project concerns all corporate levels and reveals extremely versatile demands for the project team.


Key to a successful MES project

Typically, an MES project consists of several phases, which, depending on the company size, the complexity of processes, objectives and many other factors, can have a different emphasis:

The MES experts at MPDV offer tailor-made support services throughout each phase of your project. You have the choice to either implement complete work packages or to commission individual services.


Do it yourself or with the support of MPDV?

The expertise available in-house varies from one company to the next. Many production businesses do employ experts in the field of automation technology. However, an in- house IT department is not necessarily something that can be taken for granted in smaller and medium-sized companies. Often, the absence of IT expertise is a deliberate choice. Companies rather buy IT support in addition to focus on their own core competencies.

When introducing an MES, both shop floor expertise as well as IT competence are required. A comprehensive understanding of how the systems involved interact, starting from the ERP to the MES and including the control units for the machines and equipment in the shop floor are critical prerequisites for a successful project.

Decide for yourself how many and which MES services you request from MPDV. You define what it is we can do for you, where we can provide support and which subjects you would like our assistance or coaching on - according to your very own requirements as a future MES user.