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AI Planning – Smart Factory Glossary

AI Planning is MPDV's production planning solution integrating artificial intelligence. It is part of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System FEDRA.

An algorithm integrates all available data into the planning process to achieve an optimal result. Although the user can intervene in the planning at any time, they should only do so if necessary.

How does production planning with artificial intelligence work?

The mApp AI Planning helps to perfectly plan production orders. Compared to the automatic assignment based on heuristics, AI Planning noticeably improves on-time delivery as well as setup times and setup costs.

Heuristic planning

Heuristics are always based on the current situation and plan ahead from the starting point. The heuristic planning method always chooses the option that best suits the current situation, but it cannot re-examine a decision to achieve a better result in the end.

  • Planning is performed step by step.
  • Preceding and succeeding planning steps are not integrated.

Planning with Reinforcement Learning

AI Planning always starts by drawing an overall picture of the situation and checking any possible option. Only then the method of Reinforcement Learning is applied to set up the actual planning. During planning, artificial intelligence can step back and learn from the different ways that might have led to the goal. Finally, continuous learning during planning process leads to a better overall result.

  • Global optimization is achieved
  • Each iteration improves the result

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