Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP)

Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP)

Manufacturing Apps (mApps) from the ecosystem for manufacturing IT

Manufacturing companies need a wide range of IT applications in order to plan and produce efficiently. MPDV's open platform concept, the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP), offers the opportunity to combine so-called mApps from different providers as desired. This combination creates an ecosystem which generates great benefits for both manufacturing companies and developers, system integrators and machine manufacturers. The vendor lock-in effect customary in manufacturing IT to date is completely eliminated by the MIP. The MIP as the functional infrastructure of the Smart Factory gives manufacturing companies maximum flexibility while relying on a future-proof IT architecture.

Your benefits

  • Decide for yourself which applications are important
  • Combine mApps from different providers as you like
  • Simply use existing data structures and basic services
  • Simply integrate existing systems
  • Create individual solutions based on standard software
  • Benefit from the expertise of many ecosystem partners

Overview of MIP use cases

  • Developing your own mApps
  • Combining existing mApps
  • Integrating machines & equipment with mApps
  • Consulting and services in the ecosystem

What Do You Need a Platform and an Ecosystem for?

Platforms provide a common basis for collaboration between different players. With the open and integrative platform concept of the MIP, we are providing the opportunity to combine applications from different suppliers as required. The MIP serves as a common digital image for manufacturing (Digital Twin) and all related processes. All applications communicate via web services with a shared and open information model, allowing for extensive interoperability.

This combination creates an ecosystem, which generates great benefits for both manufacturing companies and developers, system integrators and machine manufacturers:

  • Manufacturing companies can deploy the exact applications that match their requirements most effectively - regardless of the supplier.
  • Developers can focus on application logic while using the basic services of the MIP.
  • System integrators can combine applications available on the market purposefully and create custom standard solutions from them.
  • Machine manufacturers can easily integrate their equipment into the world of manufacturing IT and provide their customers with added value thanks to integrated software solutions.


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