This is what MPDV stands for

Owner-run family business or global player? Regional responsibility or international growth? Culture or economy? Values or returns? Human or machine? Opposites that aren't opposites for us. On the contrary: only when the opposites are in perfect harmony can we achieve holistic success. Our work is not about man or machine. Human with machine — that is our game!


M — Motivated
Our motivated employees focus on the requirements of our. We support our employees wholeheartedly because the only way to success is working together. We promote and motivate our employees with numerous internal initiatives and, as a self-financed family company, the promotion of young talent is a central concern. Social participation is of great importance to us andso we have been sponsoring sports events and cultural activities. 

P — Professional
Communication between our employees and customers takes place on an equal footing, which reflects our employees' competence and experience. Thanks to our pioneering project management, we regularly set ourselves new benchmarks and goals. Industry-wide standards and industry-specific solutions are no obstacles to us, and we use constructive criticism to continuously improve. 

D — Dynamic
Businesses only last for around 10 years on average before they disappear from the market again. In an industry as dynamic as ours, the average age is likely to be even lower. Why have we been around four times as long now? We believe the answer is that we are constantly changing. We are innovative and open-minded, and as dynamic as the industry in which we work. And perhaps sometimes there was just a bit of luck involved.

V — Visionary
The road to the Smart Factory is usually a longer one, and for the companies that take it, an extremely important one. This is why companies need a partner with a vision. We need this vision to develop individual and sustainable solutions together with the customer to provide planning security and transparency for the future. This vision enables us to take the burden off our customer's shoulders and deliver the perfect package: a solid investment and a system tailored to their needs.