AI Suite – Artificial Intelligence for Production

AI Suite – Artificial Intelligence for Production

Fully exploit the value of your data with AI!

Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence (AI), which is already an integral part of our everyday lives in many areas, such as language assistants, translation tools, and navigation systems. AI also offers enormous opportunities in the Smart Factory by optimizing manufacturing and productivity as well as improve sustainability. Today, AI is mainly used by a few larger companies in complex and costly projects, whereas MPDV provides a wide range of standard applications with its AI Suite. MPDV offers applications that allow manufacturing companies, even small and medium-sized ones, to get started with a little preparation and no major effort. You already have the required data either in MES HYDRA or in the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP).

AI-based applications of the AI Suite enhance the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA X  and also the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) FEDRA.

Artificial intelligence for diverse application fields

The AI Suite currently includes eight manufacturing apps (mApps), each of them offering added value and making companies more competitive.


Benefits of the AI Suite

The AI Suite for HYDRA X & FEDRA provides artificial intelligence in standard applications, which brings huge benefits to you:

  • Use existing data and the ones you collect in real time.
  • No need for a data scientist.
  • Generate new insights in a flash.
  • Everything will gradually get better and better.
  • Increase your competitiveness in the long-term.
  • Protect your future viability.

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