Künstliche Intelligenz KI Produktion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Manufacturing

AI fields of application today and in future

Predictive analytics, preventive maintenance, networked logistics are features characterizing digitalization of production. As an element of the fourth industrial revolution, digitalization has long started its triumphal march and in its wake also artificial intelligence (AI). In many sectors, AI helps develop new business models and optimize existing value chains. AI's impact on industrial production is considerable as it offers manifold fields of application.


AI in production today

The following scenario is reality today: Imagine a dashboard, which is produced in an injection molding process. Countless parameters are monitored during the process, from the recyclate content to the plasticizing and molding temperature to the screw position and the injection pressure. But even with all this monitoring, the resulting dashboard might still be faulty. However, if the chains of effects are analyzed with AI, the probability that the part produced will be scrap can be predicted based on empirical values as early as the casting stage. As a result, the production process can be stopped in time, which saves time and money. AI ideally continues to learn and draws better conclusions with every iteration.

  • The above scenario is an example of Predictive Quality, which is already working very reliably today provided that the amount of process and quality data used to train the system is sufficiently large.
  • In the field of Predictive Analytics, historic machine and status data is analyzed. With the help of artificial intelligence, conditions in production can be identified that indicate impending faults.
  • Predictive Maintenance collects and analyzes machine and production data and uses this data to service machines proactively.

Artificial intelligence in future

Thanks to merging technologies and combining AI methods, production processes can be controlled far more effectively and planned with foresight — and this is just the beginning.

Computer Vision or Machine Vision uses AI in combination with cameras and machine learning to identify and classify objects based on images and videos. Even slightest surface changes are detected that the human eye cannot perceive. Every day, vast amounts of data are not only collected, but also analyzed and correlated, allowing influencing factors on production to be identified and evaluated. Artificial intelligence helps to detect anomalies in production reliably, increases quality, and accelerates processes. AI has many factes and can solve even unknown problems.


In times of rapid innovation cycles, industrial production must evolve continuously. Manufacturing IT in particular must be able to adapt to meet the needs of the global market. MPDV as the leading provider of IT solutions for the Smart Factory has therefore decided to focus on artificial intelligence in its own products.

As a result, MPDV and the AI specialist Vernaio (formerly PerfectPattern) founded the subsidiary AIMES to combine technology and application. The aim is to significantly increase the benefits that arise from the use of proven standard products such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA or the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) FEDRA by MPDV by combining them with innovative technologies. Through AI and Machine Learning, a completely new vision of the future of the Smart Factory is being created.

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