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Assembly Management – Smart Factory Glossary

Assembly Management is one of the categories of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA X by MPDV. Assembly Management includes several applications to digitally map complex assembly processes and to change these processes as required. The applications not only integrate production orders and operations, but also the separate worksteps. A special feature is the operator guidance providing step-by-step instructions for operators in the assembly process. Today, highly customized products are standard in many industries. Assembly Management helps to correctly manufacture the multiple variants of these products.

Assembly Management offers the following manufacturing apps (mApps):

Customizing Assembly Management

As HYDRA X supports simple modeling methods such as low code and no code, companies can easily customize Assembly Management applications. The Factory Model Editor (FME) is used to create different workstations, whereas the Manufacturing Instruction Editor (MIE) allows to digitally map worksteps. Assembly Management can therefore integrate fully automated assembly lines as well as loosely linked, manual assembly workplaces.

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