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Low Code / No Code – Smart Factory Glossary

Low Code and No Code are methods to develop, customize, and personalize software without significant programming costs. While conventional software development uses programming languages, Low Code development is based on modeling. Graphic editors and easy-to-use description languages replace the far more complex source code changes. Existing applications can be changed, and new applications can be created without specific knowledge of a classic programming language and the technology behind it (e.g. HTML5).


Benefits of Low Code / No Code development

Low Code and No Code provide more flexibility, however Low Code methods require basic technical skills. If these are available, the benefits are obvious:

  • Graphic No Code editors are intuitive to use allowing manufacturing specialists to customize the software themselves without the help of IT experts.
  • Modeling (Low Code) supports companies in mapping production processes in the digital world. Low Code thus bridges the gap between manufacturing specialists and IT experts as the process owner only requires little IT knowledge and the IT specialist doesn't need to know everything about the process.
  • Development is significantly accelerated, which in turn reduces the overall costs.


For further information, read our white paper "Low Code & No Code: Modeling Instead of Programming".

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