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MIP Ecosystem – Smart Factory Glossary

The MIP ecosystem is a network of diverse manufacturing app providers (mApps) and their applications. They all have in common that their mApps can be run on the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP).

With its state-of-the-art interfaces and semantic data model, the MIP integration platform is so versatile that it can map almost any use case. Since all applications use the same database, the mApps from the MIP ecosystem can be combined with each other in any way, which enables the user to tailor their manufacturing IT to their individual needs. As the number of offerings in the Manufacturing Integration Platform ecosystem continues to grow, the result is a diverse and customer-driven overall solution. This means that the MIP, along with its digital ecosystem, can master the growing complexity in production.

Use Cases for the MIP Ecosystem

Tracking & Tracing in regulated environments

It might be the case that a company of the regulated industry being obliged to provide documentation has such complex requirements with regard to tracking its products that the MES standard is not sufficient. That is why the company itself develops an application that complies with their specific Tracking & Tracing requirements. The company implements the integration platform MIP as the data is also relevant to other areas and systems. It goes without saying that the self-developed application, the ERP system, production machines, and further mApps from the MES and APS portfolio can easily be connected to the integration platform. Thanks to the uniform database, data can be used by all systems and applications.

Optimized human-machine communication

If a production machine fails, every minute counts. An engineer should be informed immediately about the new maintenance order — even if they are currently working elsewhere in the plant. Smartwatches take over this task: they inform employees about critical incidents and enable them to respond instantly. The MIP marketplace provides a list of appropriate vendors. Standardized interfaces make sure that hardware can be integrated easily in existing production environments.

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