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Smart Factory Development Suite – Smart Factory Glossary

The Smart Factory Development Suite has been designed for users who want to easily customize MPDV products such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA X and the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) FEDRA. The Smart Factory Development Suite provides easy-to-use low-code and no-code methods to implement software development. In other words: the low-code approach uses simple description languages, whereas no-code solutions do without any text-based programming languages and use graphic modeling instead. Even employees without extensive programming knowledge can customize the software as needed by the company. Modeling instead of programming — this is how it works.


The Smart Factory Development Suite includes the following four components:

  • The UI Development Suite can be used to customize existing applications, such as an OEE report, or to create new applications.
  • The Business Logic Development Suite provides tools to model processes including plausibility checks to collect and process data.
  • The Enterprise Connectivity Development Suite offers simple data mapping methods to ensure communication between an ERP system and MPDV products. This simplifies work if the existing ERP system does not provide a standard interface supported by MPDV.
  • The Label & Report Designer can be used to customize layout and contents of labels and reports and adapt them to the corporate design or the company's specifications.

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