MPDV Certification

Your MPDV knowledge verified

MPDV Training & Certification offers you different options to get certified in the fields of manufacturing, quality management and human resources or in specific roles.

During an examination, your acquired knowledge as well as your extensive experience in dealing with our software will be tested by MPDV trainers and experts.

Use this offer as proof to your employer, as a calling card to your customers and auditors or watch out for certificates when selecting service providers in the MES environment.

The examinations (MPDV Certification Day) take place twice a year at our headquarters in Mosbach and include multiple choice tests with many real-life questions on a variety of issues from manufacturing, quality management and human resources.

As a result, you will receive a special certificate and an assessment of your individual potential with suggestions for further personal training.

We offer the following certification program to match the individual training courses:

MPDV Certified Specialist MPDV Certified Solution Developer

Increasingly, companies are demanding a certified training program for their employees. Our MPDV Certification Days offer the opportunity to be accredited as a MES HYDRA Certified Specialist or Solution Developer.

Executive Manager Product Management & Trainer