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Digital Information for Operators – Smart Factory Glossary

The digital information for operators is part of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) providing data on different products, tools, machines, work processes, and operations. This information is electronically transferred to machine terminals and displayed to the operator. The digital information for operators is replacing paper, improving productivity, efficiency, and safety in the workplace.

  • All order documents with corresponding drawings, warnings, and information on specific customer requirements are stored in the system.
  • The time-consuming printing and distribution of documents in production is eliminated, as is the collection of documents to manually transfer the current status into the system.
  • Data is available digitally and not on paper, so it cannot be lost and errors reduced.
  • Malfunctions, set-up times, and other status postings are recorded directly in the system along with a time stamp and do not have to be documented by the operator on production orders.


The digital information for operators also guides the machine operator in their activities. The MES enables to assign instructions, CAD drawings, or videos to the operation. This makes the digital information for operators an integral part of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation in the manufacturing sector.

Applications for the digital information for operators can be found in the Manufacturing Execution System HYDRA X in the category Order Management. mApps from the category Assembly Management provide operator guidance for activities on the assembly line.

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