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4-Stage Model of the Smart Factory – Smart Factory Glossary

MPDV's four-stage model of the Smart Factory describes how each manufacturing company can turn their factory into a Smart Factory. The four stages are based on each other and provide the foundation for the next higher stage. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the perfect tool to achieve all stages.

The four stages in a nutshell

  • The transparent factory: It is all about data collection and the right key performance indicators. KPIs are designed to make sure each employee knows at all times what is happening in production.
  • The reactive factory: The data collected in the previous stage are now compressed and visualized. The aim is to respond quickly and with targeted measures to malfunctions and to make production processes as predictable as possible.
  • The autonomous factory: Based on the reactivity achieved, the third stage establishes local standards to automatically manage production processes. Control loops are essential in the third stage.
  • The smart factory: In this stage, the focus is on associated processes and systems in the sense of interoperability and collaboration, and the aim is to achieve optimal interaction.

The 4-Stage Model of the Smart Factory

Further development of the four-stage model

MPDV developed and published the four-stage model in 2016. Industry has evolved both organizationally and technically since then. That is why, new tasks had to be incorporated in the established model in 2021 that was then converted into a control loop. The previous sequence of successive stages has become obsolete. This means that companies can now join the updated model at any point.

The whitepapers on this subject provide additional guidance and profound information.


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