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Digital Checklist – Smart Factory Glossary

The Digital Checklist application can be used to easily document recurring processes. The application manages any number of checklists that are displayed to operators at defined times or when specific events occur.

The Digital Checklist application helps reduce the amounts of paper used on the shop floor. To do so, the application provides machine operators with the digital means to deal with recurring checks. Even daily or weekly maintenance tasks can be carried out with a mobile device directly at the machine. The application can be executed manually. The Digital Checklist can also be triggered at regular intervals or if a specific machine malfunction occurs.


Benefits of a digital checklist

  • The software clearly lists all questions and checkpoints, and the operator can process them digitally one after the other.
  • The user gets feedback while working with the checklist. Green symbolizes that everything is all right. A red note indicates that something does not comply with specifications.
  • You can configure custom questionnaires that include different types of questions. Besides simple yes/no questions, you can also query value ranges or use multiple choice questions.
  • Entered results are directly stored in the system. The Digital Checklist saves the time required to complete the questionnaire manually, to digitalize the results and to search for historical data since the application provides data in real time.
  • The completed checklists can be archived better than the documentation on paper.

Digital checklists by the MPDV Group

The MPDV Group offers the Digital Checklist application as part of their product portfolio. You can use the application either in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA X by MPDV or the MES by FELTEN. Additionally, FELTEN provides the Digital Checklist as manufacturing app for the integration platform MIP. Thanks to the integration in the MIP ecosystem, the events triggering a questionnaire can derive from other applications and the results can also be used and visualized in other applications.

Checklists are traditionally completed using pen and paper. As digitization saves large quantities of paper, the digital checklists promote sustainability. This is why the application bears the MPDV label "Promoting Sustainability".

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