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Material Management in HYDRA X

Your material always on the move

The right material in the right quantity and quality just in time at the right place is a key challenge for manufacturing companies. It is just as important to always have an up-to-date overview of which produced goods or semi-finished products are located outside the classic warehouses and in what quantity. Many companies are also obliged to keep a complete record of the articles produced throughout all stages of the process chain. mApps of the HYDRA X Material Management category provide the necessary range of functions for this purpose.

How you can benefit from our Material Management

  • Full transparency of current material stocks in production (WiP)
  • Optimizing material flow control and internal transport processes on the basis of actual data
  • Cost savings through consistent monitoring of material shelf life and minimum waiting times
  • Complying with current market regulations by providing complete documentation and traceability of all process steps with a focus on product safety and labeling requirements
  • Minimizing product liability claims and providing effective recall support   

Providing accurate information on material consumption in good time

Today, material postings are generally made retrogradely in the ERP. As a result, raw material and finished goods inventories are only corrected after the entire production order has been completed. In contrast, HYDRA X's mApps operate at a much higher level of detail with significantly lower lag-times. In each production step, the manufactured articles or semi-finished products can be counted with the help of material buffers or WiP warehouses.  Considerably more precise and timely statements about material consumption and produced stocks can be derived from this. HYDRA X also provides support for in-house material planning and transport optimization by networking relevant intralogistics processes. The connection of warehouse management systems, conveyor technology and forklift control systems also falls within this field of activity.

Simple and exact traceability

HYDRA X supports the compliance to rules and requirements within the field of traceability. International standards such as 21CFR11 of the FDA, GMP or the EU standard 178 leave little room for maneuver, especially for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and food products. However, manufacturers of packaging materials or suppliers of safety-relevant parts used in the automotive industry, are also subject to similarly strict requirements. A consistent lot and batch tracking, the complete product documentation (e.g. Electronic Batch Record) and functions for monitoring the manufacturing process up to process interlocking serve this purpose. Plausibility checks ensure first, that only approved material is used and, second, that any potential damage (e.g. in the event of a necessary recall campaign) can be kept to a minimum - both entirely in the interests of consumer protection (e.g. food safety) and cost-effectiveness.

mApps within HYDRA X Material Management

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